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Keep your inbox clean with the free BullGuard Spamfilter. Most people find spam e-mails the biggest nuisance on the Internet. Today, spam e-mails account for over 80% of all e-mail traffic and their volumes increase daily. Strike back with BullGuard Spamfilter.

Key features

  • Proactively identifies and blocks spam – helps keep your inbox free from junk.
  • State of the art protection from malicious e-mail scams like phishing attempts, virus spreading and foreign language spam.
  • Integrates with email systems like Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird and Windows Mail.
  • Easy to use – get started with our step-by-step Spamfilter wizard.
  • Free 24/7 support when you need it.

Special features

  • Full integration with Outlook, Outlook Express and Thunderbird
  • Improved phishing protection
  • Improves accuracy every day thanks to collective user input
  • Step-by-step Wizard for training the BullGuard Spamfilter