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Collabtive is a small and compact project management tool with eye catching GUI. Collabtive has a simple and intuitive design and a dynamic user interface. It is easy to use with dynamic elements supporting customization of input and display for easy project management.

International Language Localization is available in 25 languages. Localization covers down to a single user level for languages. Collabtive includes support for different time zones and date formats.. Collabtive offers a distinct advantage as many commercial tools are available in English only.

Collabtive supports complete installation on web server without any requirement of additional space out of the web server.

Collabtive provides similar features available in Basecamp with a distinct feature of data import from Basecamp that no other OSS app provides.

Collabtive offers time tracking, calendar, pdf reports, RSS feeds, email notification and new in its design and approach, compact in size unlike many project management tools that has lesser features, cost more and bloated in size.

Collabtive allows management of unlimited projects at the same time. There are no limits on the milestones or tasks list or activity assigned to each project. Collabtive allows creation of any number of member profiles to make user management easier. Access is limited by permissions granted based on roles assigned to the member. Communication capabilities supported include instant messaging and offline messaging services. Collabtive has an effective time tracking system and file management system to make project organization and management easier.

Collabtive supports export of reports and notifications to PDF, Excel format for data processing. Reports are generated for time tracking and logs are generated for activities. RSS feeds are available for messaging and user profiles can be exported as vCards. Email notifications can be set to be sent out as required. Collabtive incorporates calendars synchronization through iCal task export functionality.

Collabtive is available in 25 languages with customizable themes and complete UTF8 support. Collabtive includes search functionality and tags assignment to implement time effective project management. Basecamp files can be imported into Collabtive to make migration easy and implement cross functionality.