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OpManager is a network monitoring software that provides robust fault and performance management functionalities.


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OpManager is a complete, end-to-end Network & IT infrastructure monitoring platform that offers advanced fault and performance management across WAN, VoIP services, network devices, servers, applications, databases and other IT infrastructure such as printers, UPS etc..

With OpManager, you can group infrastructure that are part of a particular business service (e.g. the ERP system) so as to monitor the business service's performance as a whole unit. On identifying poor performance, you can then dig into specific pain-points at the device-level or individual link/interface level. In-built, advanced fault and performance functionalities help ensure an always up and optimized IT infrastructure. With intuitive charts and reports showing current and past performance trends, OpManager also facilitates important capacity planning decisions.

OpManager offers:

  • End-to-end application response time and performance monitoring
  • Device performance management
  • Network performance management
  • Bandwidth analysis and traffic forensics
  • VoIP performance monitoring