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OpManager is a network monitoring software that provides robust fault and performance management functionalities.

ManageEngine OpManager

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OpManager is a comprehensive, affordable solution for monitoring the performance of a network. With growing network complexities, the system administrators are more than challenged when it comes to assuring a healthy network. OpManager ensures the availability of a network and its resources and reports when the going is tough.

Proactive Monitoring

OpManager provides out-of-the-box support for monitoring critical resources on servers, routers, switches, firewalls, domain controllers et all.. Besides the device availability, the other resources monitored include host resources like cpu, disk, and memory utilization, traffic utilization, availability of critical services, important windows event logs etc.

Performance data is collected for all the resources periodically to determine their availability and that of the network health as a whole. Pro-active monitoring by way of configuring meaningful thresholds, helps avoid 'unpleasant surprises'.

Monitoring performance is done using standard protocols like SNMP, CLI, and WMI. So, it is not mandatory for your servers to be SNMP-enabled for performance monitoring. OpManager can monitor the linux and solaris environments using CLI and windows environment using WMI in the absence of SNMP.

Custom Monitoring Capability

Besides the resources monitored out-of-the-box, you can configure custom monitors for the SNMP variables. This facilitates monitoring of performance for almost any device that is pingable and has SNMP enabled!

Scheduled Reporting

Periodic reporting of the network health is an added advantange. OpManager allows you to schedule reports periodically at the chosen day and time. The reports are automatically emailed to the pre-configured email Ids or published to a URL.

With OpManager to monitor the network round the clock, you can sit back and relax, and feel assured that you will be the first one to know of an imminent fault.