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Change Auditor

Change Auditor
Change Auditor

Microsoft Active Directory, File Systems and Exchange are part of your mission-critical infrastructure. And you need to find a way to be notified, in real-time, of critical changes to your Windows based infrastructure. Quest’s ChangeAuditor is the answer… Key business benefits include

  • Ensures a secure and compliant networking environment by tracking all critical changes in real time
  • Enables enterprise-wide change management from a single client, providing the Who, What, Where, When and Why – in plain English, plus before and after values
  • Speeds troubleshooting through real-time insight into changes with a comprehensive audit library including built-in audit alerts, reports and powerful search
  • Automates procedures to continually track and report on compliance initiatives like SOX, HIPAA, GLBA and frameworks / standards such as COBIT, ISO 17799, FISMA or SAS 70
  • Drives availability by enabling proactive troubleshooting

Quest ChangeAuditor for Active Directory MagnifyClick here to enlarge

Quest ChangeAuditor for Active Directory proactively tracks, audits, reports and alerts on vital configuration changes without the overhead of native auditing. This key component to your overall Active Directory management arsenal tracks all key configuration changes in real-time including GPO, schema, critical group and operational changes.

ChangeAuditor for Active Directory depict changes easily and in real-time with comprehensive reporting to help meet compliance objectives. Quest ChangeAuditor for Exchange MagnifyClick here to enlarge

Quest ChangeAuditor for Exchange proactively audits all activity, provides real-time alerts and tracks vital changes in-depth in your Exchange environment. Audit changes to non-owner and owner mailbox access, administrative groups, mailbox policies, public and private information stores, organizational changes, and more.

ChangeAuditor for Exchange speeds the troubleshooting process with real-time insight into changes and provides detailed reporting to help safeguard your Exchange environment. Quest ChangeAuditor for File Systems MagnifyClick here to enlarge

Quest ChangeAuditor for File Systems drives the security and control of Files Systems by tracking, all key folder and file changes in real-time. This solution tracks, audits, reports and alerts on all changes that impact your file systems and avoid the overhead of turning on native auditing.

ChangeAuditor for File Systems, gives you complete visibility into all changes with in-depth forensics on “Who, What, When, Where and Why”, plus their original and current values.