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Monitor servers, workstations, devices and applications in your network



Performance management instrumentation is flexible and well adapted to virtualized environments, including agent-based monitoring and virtual appliances to capture vital performance information on servers and on the network. A combination of physical and virtual appliances may be used to monitor end-user experience from outside the cloud.


  • Troubleshoot application performance problems faster
  • Use cloud resources efficiently
  • Verify that the service provider is meeting service level commitments
  • Plan for application deployment in the cloud

Capabilities for Managing Performance in the Cloud:
Cloud deployment models differ in terms of the scope of IT resources that are controlled by the cloud provider versus the user. OPNET solution capabilities support a range of cloud models.

  • Agent-based data collection can be instantiated in the cloud along with server images
  • Virtualized appliances provide visibility in the cloud and among virtual servers
  • Accurate application dependency maps are generated automatically to ensure that the right components are migrated to the cloud
  • Software-based management consoles can be installed in the cloud
  • A combination of passive and active monitoring to support a variety of cloud models
  • Network performance can be measured along any network path to isolate the source of a problem to the cloud provider or your environment